Do We Really Need Artificial Intelligence???

Filosofa's Word

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, quite frankly scares me.  It scares me in much the same way guns and nukes scare me, for while almost every tool ever invented was developed for a valuable purpose, every single one has also been used by evil people for evil purposes throughout the course of history.  When even the man who has been dubbed the “Godfather of AI,” Geoffrey Hinton, steps down from his lucrative position at Google so he can speak more freely about the potential dangers of advanced artificial intelligence, then yeah, I think we better all be leery.

Almost every tool invented since the beginning of humankind has been developed to fulfill a need, to make life easier or somehow better.  But looking back, every single tool that’s ever been invented by humans has also been used for nefarious purposes at one time or another.  The axe gave man the ability…

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