“Dear Future Earth…” Jamaican students reflect at the Institute of Jamaica

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Just over a week ago – and the day before Earth Day 2023 – I had the great pleasure of attending the awards ceremony for this year’s competition, organised annually by the Natural History Museum of Jamaica’s (NHMJ) Education Department for students aged 12 to 19 years. It’s an arts competition, including poetry, poster art, video, and photography – now in its 23rd illustrious year! The NHMJ is a division of the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ).

There were two contrasting moods at the event, which took place in the lovely old-fashioned IOJ Lecture Hall. There was a great deal of joy: smiles on all the faces, laughter, and a complete absence of bitter competition and sour grapes. Everyone – students, teachers, IOJ officials, and a few parents – was happy to be there. On the other hand, there was an underlying seriousness, as the high school students reflected on the…

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