A Republican Lawmaker Wants (Certain) Texans to Have a Lot More Babies (White, Straight, Propertied…)

Slaton tailored the bill to allow only a particular slice of the populace to qualify for the tax breaks—specifically, heterosexual couples, “neither of whom have ever been divorced,” that can afford to own property. No single parents or same-sex couples would be eligible. And although Hispanic and Black women (in that order) have the highest fertility rates in the state, many of them would be ineligible for Slaton’s rewards for fruitfulness, because Black and Hispanic Texans have significantly lower homeownership rates than non-Hispanic whites. Source: A Republican Lawmaker Wants (Certain) Texans to Have a Lot More Babies

Back hiking — Frits Ahlefeldt: sketchbook and stories

Short video (34 Sec.) – Starting before the sun, with breakfast

Back hiking — Frits Ahlefeldt: sketchbook and stories

Marii Freire

Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

No silêncio tudo se concebe. Do voo da borboleta, o nascer da vida. Esta, talvez manifesta-se, dependo do contexto, da agressividade, ansiedade e euforia, da dor e emoção, transformar- se em choro. Não se sabe se chorar é um aviso, ou uma necessidade do indivíduo. Mas é a segunda grande voz humana, porque amplia a condição necessária de sobrevivemos a todos os sentimentos positivos e negativos. Muitos deles, não podendo serem manifestados os reais motivos; e uma vez fúteis, são descartáveis perante as suas controvérsias. E como citei anteriormente, o impacto da vida- o ato de nascer, nos faz chorar, mas é uma manifestação ousada, única e necessária. Assim como também é necessário o romper da crisálida para criar possibilidade ao voo. A natureza se mostra pronta, falta arriscar, ser ousado. A vida se mostra pronta, falta-nos somente a consciência e a oportunidade da autorrealização.

Marii Freire. Via Facebook


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Lessons…by Mágica Mistura

Mágica Mistura

” Being grateful is a constant exercise. It is a work of thoughts, a self-control that is pursued every day, with every new unfolding. It’s breathing deeply, and taking a gift and a lesson from each moment and event. Gratitude!”

✨ Mágica Mistura


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Until the world’s powerful people are eager and willing to lay out the actual systemic causes of societal problems, humanity will continue through the horrendous cycles of pointing at real or imagined problems; refusing to honestly face the root causes of problems; blaming scapegoats; and attempting to eliminate scapegoats until the next societal problem manifests or is invented.

The usual beginnings of scapegoating occur when institutional leaders–say monarchs, religious advocates, political aspirants, etcetera wish to advance a particular pet cause or to advance their rank. One or more minorities or outsiders who have difficulty speaking up in their own defense are singled out as the “fall guy”. Then, through repeated disinformation and misinformation campaigns, the public is inflamed by the institutional libels and slanders. Much of the public either cannot or will not see through the untruths due to confirmation bias. Soon, the typical torches and pitchforks reaction of the…

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