Covid and Babies


The disease that keeps on giving.

To understand the information below, please bear in mind that there are two factors associated with the assessment of any risk:

  1. How likely is the problem to happen?
  2. How bad is the problem if it does?

Or as pundits used to say, and some still do: “One nuclear bomb can ruin your entire day.” Low risk of it happening, but that fender-bender really doesn’t matter if it does.

There is a growing body of literature that suggests that an infection with the Covid virus while pregnant may cause neurological issues with male babies.(1)

There has been a concern about babies catching Covid-19 from their infected mother since the start of the pandemic.(2) Prior research had concluded that it is possible for a fetus or neonatal infant to contract the coronavirus from the mother.(3) A prior study showed that fetuses of infected mothers show changes…

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Marama Davidson hit by motorcyclist after Posie Parker protest | RNZ News

Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson was knocked to the ground by a motorcyclist who appeared to fail to stop at a pedestrian crossing after today’s counter-protest against British anti-transgender activist Posie Parker. Source: Marama Davidson hit by motorcyclist after Posie Parker protest | RNZ News

El aroma de un amor

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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A ti, que dejaste tu perfume en mi alma, en mi mente, en mi textura, en el tiempo, en la inmortalidad

El aroma de un amor queda impregnado en lo etéreo y en la arcilla, en los sentimientos y en la memoria, en uno y en otro cuando funden sus miradas y sonríen. La fragancia de un romance se mezcla con el perfume de las flores enamoradas que el viento agita una mañana de primavera o una tarde otoñal. El olor de dos enamorados -usted y yo- se diluye una noche estrellada y silenciosa, o una madrugada de lluvia, para envolver a los alcatraces, claveles, margaritas, orquídeas, rosas y tulipanes, y darles un encanto que, al otro día, al amanecer, regalan al exhalar sus fragancias. Y así, los perfumes de un amor inolvidable pulsan en el alma, en…

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Prides Petition President Museveni – do NOT sign KILL THE GAYS LAW – O-blog-dee-o-blog-da

This week Uganda’s Parliament passed the dangerous Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2023. It is now on the desk of President Yoweri Museveni awaiting his assent which will then make it law. It is one of the worst anti-homosexuality laws in the world and serves to license what is already occurring: gay hunts, assault, threats, blackmail, unlawful detentions, torture and even killings. The laws provides jail terms to include 10 years to life and the death penalty for so called “aggravated homosexuality.” It also criminalizes children giving them 3 years in jail if they commit the “offense of homosexuality.” The Governments of the U.S.A. and Canada are speaking our and probably will take action against Uganda. Out Pride voices must be represented too, informing the President that we are not the deviants he has referred to us as on public media. Please sign petitions at:

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French Friday Update: Connâitre ses Droits et éviter les Proces… Free Legal Education and Pre-Trial Diversion…

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

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“ -C’est quoi ça?
-Votre côte sur le marché de l’art: 11.000 euros”

Mais si Driss n’avait-t-il pas d’argent ? Et s’ils lui avaient arrêtaient dans la misère ? Aux États-Unis il y à une moyen d’éviter les procès mais qui coute cher, selon l’état dans on aura le procès. C’est mon espoir qu’on peut avoir des changements de cette politique, avec l’aide des citoyens Américains, et aussi ce de nos amis.

“ -What’s this?
-That’s what you’re worth on the art market: 11,000 Euros.”

But what about before Driss had that money? What if he’d been arrested utterly poor?

In many states, programs exist to help first time offenders avoid trial and charges. But, Pre-trial Diversion or Intervention programs, as they are known, are often unfair to the poor, as in MD and many other states: perpetrating the cruelty of charging money that some people…

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To recognize… by Magic Mix – Magic Mix

To recognize … by Magic Mix When we replace judgment, arrogance and lack of sensitivity with the exercise of humility, we begin to look at others with mercy, empathy and understanding … this is a painful path, full of stumbling blocks and stones. However, the grateful smile of the other being to be seen, recognized and accepted, fills our spirit with joy as very few things can. 宮 Magic Mixture

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