Tennessee Is A Drag on the First Amendment

Tennessee Governor Bill Lee looks fetching in drag. The photo from the Franklin High School 1977 yearbook with the caption “Hard Luck Woman” shows a smiling Lee wigged out in a short dress and sporting a necklace of fake pearls. The apparel is so on-point that it is hard to tell that the future governor is indeed a man. As Rod Stewart once sang, he wears it well.

Forty-six years later, when the Daily Beast asked about the photo, Gov. Lee dismissed his youthful prank as part of “lighthearted school traditions” [that] shouldn’t be ‘conflated’ with the issue the state is banning.”

Source: Tennessee Is A Drag on the First Amendment

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  1. Looks like there are other areas they could improve the protection of children in Tennessee. The COVID years seem to have taken their toll with their isolation (my guess). It has caused a lot of psychological problems in children here in Denmark.

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