Climate Change Policy: Brookings is Right, We CAN Do Better

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

     Reparations in various forms can address climate change and the needed cultural changes which must come before and during these redressments.   This is precisely what Project Do Better advocates, particularly during Phases II and III, although communities may opt to edit their editions of the Do Better manual, freely available in editable form from me, to start that phase of the Project sooner.  Any community may decide to update their own Project Do Better community manual,  as distinct and derived from the current #ProjectDoBetter manual, which  starts by emphasizing free forms of intensive community and self-education, in Phase I, before emphasizing greater housing, reparations, and land-related advocacy in Phase II:

A reparative stance for climate change policy begins with granting reparations for Black Americans and advancing land reclamation for Native Americans as a moral responsibility to minimize climate change impacts for the most vulnerable…”

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