Pro-Moscow voices tried to steer Ohio train disaster debate | AP News

WASHINGTON (AP) — Soon after a train derailed and spilled toxic chemicals in Ohio last month, anonymous pro-Russian accounts started spreading misleading claims and anti-American propaganda about it on Twitter, using Elon Musk’s new verification system to expand their reach while creating the illusion of credibility.
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Covid Politics Leave a Florida Public Hospital Shaken – The New York Times

An internal review last month found that Sarasota Memorial did far better than some of its competitors in saving Covid patients’ lives. But that did little to quell detractors, whose campaign against the hospital has not relented. By then, the hospital had become the latest public institution under siege by an increasingly large and vocal right-wing contingent in one of Florida’s most affluent counties, where a backlash to pandemic policies has started reshaping local government.

Some members of the Sarasota County Public Hospital Board and medical staff at Sarasota Memorial are bewildered and taken aback by critics’ continued preoccupation with Covid policy — chiefly the avoidance of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, drugs found to be ineffective or even harmful as Covid treatments.

Black Maternal Health: We Could Do Better if We CAREd…

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

     This is why Project Do Better starts by emphasizing public health care and self-education for advocacy, starting now, in Phase I:

“Black women are three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related complications compared to white women.”

(from NPR’s April Dembosky, and others at NPR, several times since October…)

And it’s preventable…
       While not all of our problems can be fixed immediately, education is the common denominator for solving them, which is why independent and learner-led education forms the bedrock of Project Do Better’s Public Health Care advocacy:
starting in Phase I, particularly via the free Holistic High School and college algebra lesson plans linked below, and then becoming even more personalized during Phase II.  Health care, education, and other key infrastructure issues all come to bear on one another in an interconnected way.
     We really can Do Better



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Transgender Struggle


As a transgender child, my friend Shane felt alone and isolated while living in our small Nebraska city. she searched for people like her because she believed she was the only transgendered kid in this part of the state. Thankfully, her mother and brother fully supported her well-being. They never let Shane forget that she was loved. Despite her loving family’s efforts, Shane could barely wait to leave Nebraska. Today, she lives in Toronto, Ontario. She has found a vibrant, close-knit, extended family of allies.

As we pay attention to the state of human rights these days, we notice how transgender children, adolescents, and adults are mistreated. What is especially troubling is how some parents treat their LGBTQ children. It’s shocking how some parents toss their young children out of the home and force them fend for themselves. What happened to showing your children unconditional love? This is an especially…

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