Housing Policy: We Can Do Better

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

     This is why Project Do Better starts by emphasizing free forms of intensive community and self-education, in Phase I:

“In 2020, the federal government spent more than $193 billion on subsidies for homeowners — “most families who enjoy this benefit have six-figure incomes and are white” — but just $53 billion on direct housing assistance for low-income families. That’s not for lack of need. Because of chronic federal underinvestment, only 1 in 4 extremely low-income Americans who qualify for housing aid get it.”

(from NPR, this morning…)

     While not all of our problems can be fixed immediately, education is the common denominator for solving them, which is why independent and learner-led education forms the bedrock of Project Do Better’s  cropped-dobettercover.jpg
starting in Phase I, particularly via the free Holistic High School and college algebra lesson plans linked below, and then becoming even more personalized during…

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