Trump Spent $600,000 on a Study to Prove His Election Fraud Claims Were True. It Did the Exact Opposite. He Never Released It.

Trump Spent $600,000 on a Study to Prove His Election Fraud Claims Were True. It Did the Exact Opposite. He Never Released It.
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We Are Poetry: Lessons I Didn’t Learn in a Textbook – Kindle edition by Moore, Kym. Literature & Fiction Kindle eBooks @

What a delightful find for anyone interested in reading a fine collection of poems and learn about poetry at the same time. I regularly repost her blog From Behind the Pen – Kym Gordon Moore –

No spoiler alert needed here… not going to include one of the poems here. I will tell you that the book of her poems will be a treasure for you… It is the kind of collection that you can read cover to cover or just dip into when you feel you need some inspiration, solace or insight. Why? Because nearly any poem you select will carry you to a new door to yourself and the world around you.

The added benefit is her examination and introduction to poetry. I learned a good bit about different types of poems that I did not know.

So, give the book a look and yourself a treat that will keep on giving as you read and re-read her poems. I would also recommend that you subscribe to her blog to get new useful, inspiring thoughts, essays and poems every day.

Also available in paperback from Amazon –

Busreise durch die Türkei – Ephesus

Bus trip through Ephesus

Senioren um die Welt

Einer der Höhepunkte unserer Busreise durch die Türkei war nach den Besuchen von Istanbul, Troja und Pergamon zweifellos die antike Stadt Ephesus (Ephesos) an der türkischen Ägäisküste in der Nähe der heutigen Stadt Selçuk. Ephesus ist eine der besterhaltenen und am meisten besuchten historischen Stätten des Landes. Die Stadt wurde 1869 von einem britischen Archäologen wiederentdeckt, die meisten Ruinen, die man heute sehen kann, stammen aus der römischen Periode zwischen dem 1. Jh. v.Chr. und dem 2. Jh. n.Chr. Die Marmorstrassen und -denkmäler sind inzwischen weitgehend freigelegt worden.

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Housing Policy: We Can Do Better

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

     This is why Project Do Better starts by emphasizing free forms of intensive community and self-education, in Phase I:

“In 2020, the federal government spent more than $193 billion on subsidies for homeowners — “most families who enjoy this benefit have six-figure incomes and are white” — but just $53 billion on direct housing assistance for low-income families. That’s not for lack of need. Because of chronic federal underinvestment, only 1 in 4 extremely low-income Americans who qualify for housing aid get it.”

(from NPR, this morning…)

     While not all of our problems can be fixed immediately, education is the common denominator for solving them, which is why independent and learner-led education forms the bedrock of Project Do Better’s  cropped-dobettercover.jpg
starting in Phase I, particularly via the free Holistic High School and college algebra lesson plans linked below, and then becoming even more personalized during…

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Por do sol comigo!

A cada por do sol,

trago a esperança de tecer um sonho no dia seguinte

Eu conto nos dedos

A razão demasiada de acreditar

Que a felicidade não se fala,

Mas a vestimos a nossa maneira.

O homem que não é feliz,

Não viveu

Como muitos, suspirou.

Viver é atiçar o fogo da esperança.

É florescer diante dos próprios olhos,

É perder -se no tempo,

E se achar-se nele.

Como mar ser implacável,

Atravessar a noite silenciosa,

Saber navegar sem fazer barulho.

Percorrer entre as pedras

E as sombras pequenas até o destino final,

Sabendo que o universo delega a todos

A cada amanhã um presente chamado vida.

Marii Freire. Por do sol comigo!

Imagem:pinterest/ Shine Woman

Santarém, Pá 17 de março de 2023

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