Writing Process Wednesdays, and, Plot vs. Character

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

Well, now I know where I stand on that famous debate, even though I was trying hard not to take sides while I plotted out my novel as I thought I was also getting to know my characters at the same time.  Wrong.  I find, personally, that it takes writing some scenes and bits of dialogue over and over again for me to understand how each individual character feels, behaves, speaks, and changes over time.   

This makes planning out such a complex novel as Who By Fire much less simple than I had imagined, and I find that it seems to be, currently, beyond my writing skills.   I continue to work on honing my craft, of course, and to work on plotting out this novel, while remembering that it         whobyfireiwilltmpcover

comes based on all of my prior work.  Also, having the very positive experience of writing…

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