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Our friend Jerry over at Grumpy’s Grumblings has a new post that is spot on regarding the state of truth in our nation today.  It is well worth the few minutes it will take you to read and ponder it, for one must ask the question:  Is this the new ‘normal’ or can we fix this?  Thank you, Jerry, for your thoughtful words!

When Tropes Trump Truth

I have a journalism degree and I worked within the newspaper industry for nearly two decades. While I never worked as a “hard-news” reporter, I did spend a year as a copy editor and also wrote feature stories for the business pages of several newspapers. So, I think I have a better-than-average understanding of how a newsroom is meant to operate.

But with or without a journalism degree, I think most folks know—or, more precisely, knew—what the primary purpose of any news…

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4 COVID vaccine doses best prevent critical Omicron BA.5, even after BA.1/BA.2 infection | CIDRAP

Four COVID-19 booster doses were the most effective way to prevent critical Omicron BA.5, regardless of previous infection status, according to a nationwide study published late last week in JAMA Network Open. Source: 4 COVID vaccine doses best prevent critical Omicron BA.5, even after BA.1/BA.2 infection | CIDRAP

Un pedazo de esencia, un trozo de arcilla

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


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Las letras, como todo el arte, provienen de las profundidades del ser, tienen algo de etéreo y de humano, son inspiración y reflejan la belleza y los sentimientos más nobles; aunque, a veces, por cierto, las utilicemos para expresar descontentos y situaciones complejas del mundo. Hemos olvidado -acaso por la inmediatez, posiblemente por la superficialidad y el apego a las apariencias, probablemente por el anhelo patético y casi exclusivo de obtener riqueza y poder, quizá por la creciente estulticia individual y colectiva, seguramente por dar gusto masivo y seguir modas y tendencias, o tal vez por eso y por algo más- escribir con el alma, con lo mejor de nosotros, y ahora, contagiados de ese mal moderno, hasta nosotros, los creadores, parecemos ignorar que la vida y sus encantos no son mercancía en serie que satisface apetitos, sino arte…

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The Postcard Read… “Your Son Is Alive!”

Pacific Paratrooper

James MacMannis and his wife listen to their ham radio

James ‘Dad Mac’ MacMannis is believed to have sent as many as 33,000 postcards during World War II.

WEST PALM BEACH — Dad Mac sat in his living room and furiously scribbled the names the German propaganda machine rattled off. Names of GIs whose moms and dads and siblings and sweethearts in Florida and Iowa and Oregon. Loved ones who for weeks or months had wondered and worried and wrung their hands. Mac would fill out and address a postcard. It would say: Your boy is alive.

As World War II raged, and before and after D-Day, James L. MacMannis wrote as many as 33,000 postcards to families across America. After a while, people called him Dad.

At first, he said, he sent out just a few cards, and he got few responses.

“I was discouraged,” he toldPalm Beach…

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