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Researchers at Mass General Brigham, one of Harvard’s teaching hospital groups, found that in early 2020, before mask mandates were introduced, the infection rate among health care workers doubled every 3.6 days and rose to 21.3 percent. After universal masking was required, the rate stopped increasing, and then quickly declined to 11.4 percent.

The controversy over the Cochrane review on Covid masks, explained – Vox

As it turns out, even Cochrane itself is now saying that commentators who believe the review concluded that masks were useless were simply wrong. In a statement published on Friday, Cochrane Library editor-in-chief Karla Soares-Weiser wrote that the review’s results were “inconclusive” on whether “interventions to promote mask wearing help to slow the spread of respiratory viruses.”

Cochrane blamed a poorly worded plain-language summary of the review’s conclusions that could be misinterpreted to make it seem as if the authors were uncertain on whether masks themselves could actually slow the spread of respiratory viruses; in fact, the review examined whether interventions to encourage mask wearing slow the spread of such viruses, and said that the relative paucity of good studies on the subject made it hard to draw a clear conclusion.

As the sociologist Zeynep Tufekci wrote Friday in a smart New York Times piece on the controversy, both the review itself and much of the reaction were deeply flawed.

Source: The controversy over the Cochrane review on Covid masks, explained – Vox

Kolkata: Books, Parks, Vids, and More + Aithal’s Game + Podcast

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

My honey puts on a good face to indulge my book love.
My honey puts on a good face to indulge my book love.


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Kolkata is regarded as the seat of India’s intellectual creativity. No doubt the rest of India is darned amazing too. That said, Kolkata is home to six Nobel Prize laureates, starting with multi-talented Rabindranath Tagore who I posted about earlier.

Book lover that I am (about the book I’m working on here), I was ecstatic to catch Kolkata’s annual two-week book fair. Since the event’s inception in 1976, it’s…

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Violencia Psicológica

Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

” Na relação amorosa, o manipulador emocional sabe como atrair as suas vítimas” ( Mulher do ostracismo à luta pelos direitos nos dias atuais), porque esses homens dominam essas mulheres pelo psicológico. O próprio nome já chama atenção para essa questão. Pela confiança, o abusador emocional tem o domínio e poder sobre a sua vítima e também sobre seus atos. Claro, imagine alguém te cativar justamente com o sentido, não de te amar, de oferecer à você, com um sentimento puro e leal. Nada disso, o manipulador emocional, simplesmente, ele usa você. Sim, a mulher vira uma marionete nas mãos desses homens, ou pode ser parceira também. Há muitos relacionamentos abusivos onde os abusadores também são mulheres, no caso, são abusadores que sabem seduzir e tirar o que querem de suas vítimas.

Algumas práticas de abuso emocional são visíveis. Talvez, por isso seja mais fácil de identificar. Já em outras…

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