Era uma polonesa que trabalhava em um serviço bastante simples e com certeza pouco invejado, como especialista em encanamentos e esgotos no Gueto de Varsóvia, a capital do seu país. E fazia isso justamente nos anos em que se vivia na Europa os piores horrores da Segunda Guerra Mundial. Seu nome: Irena Sendler. O Gueto […]


To be a child again: A poem


I would sit here forever, if I could go back to the childhood I had lost
To the little joys that were heaven and the ones that haunted like ghosts
I would go back again and be unaware of the injustices our world host
But this dream I would never fulfil and so I throw it by the rocks

I wish to view the world again, my innocence will be my dock
A little girl can keep her sadness hidden, smile will be my cloak
I shall never wonder about the time or the many looming clocks
I would just go on slowly and slowly away with the worldly flow

I used to make paper aeroplanes and fly them high but not up to the sky
When misery came to knock at my door, I used to silently cry
Nothing pained me more than saying momentary goodbyes
To those I…

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Cecília Meireles

Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

“Liberdade – essa palavra

que o sonho humano alimenta:

que não ninguém que explique,

e ninguém que não entenda”

Cecília Meireles. Romanceiro da Inconfidência

MEIRELES, Cecília. Romanceiro da Inconfidência; organização: André Seffrin. 13 ed. São Paulo: Globo, 2015

Marii Freire

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Imagem: pinterest/ Anna_ emanuelle

Santarém, Pá 7 de fevereiro de 2023

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Committee Flops Like A Dead Fish — Filosofa’s Word

Robert Hubbell’s newsletter this morning covered a few important and encouraging topics, for those of us who are feeling a bit overwhelmed by the right-wing drama of late, both in the House of Representatives and in the State of Florida!  Here is just one of the topics he covered … Democrats Fight Back! Robert B. […]

Committee Flops Like A Dead Fish — Filosofa’s Word

♫ Mr. Tambourine Man ♫ — Filosofa’s Word

I have only played this once before, back in August 1919, and tonight I was sifting through songs of my youth (thanks for the suggestion, Erika!) when I came across this again.  And so  …  When I went digging for information about this song, my jaw dropped.  Even my daughter, who is a musical guru, […]

♫ Mr. Tambourine Man ♫ — Filosofa’s Word