Medical Injustice in the US


We have two more examples this week of just how lax oversight of doctors is in the US compared to other countries.

  1. Should it take 16 years to bring a doctor to account for encouraging opioid abuse and trading sex for drugs? Apparently, the State of Ohio thinks that’s OK. Perhaps the doctor was a major Republican donor? Who knows. In any case, his know record of abuse goes back to 2007 and his license to practice medicine was finally revoked on January 16th of this year (2023).(1)

    One patient, or perhaps we should say victim, who became addicted to benzos prescribed by this doctor had to be hospitalized after her weight dropped to a mere 80 pounds. This is an adult, not a child. The doctor ignored drug company warnings and the results of drug tests, and even requests by patients to reduce dosage of opioids.

  2. The second case…

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