Review: Ma Bible des Huiles Essentielles, by Danièle Festy

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

Ma Bible Des Huiles EssentiellesMa Bible Des Huiles Essentielles by Danièle Festy

My rating and review was initially on WorldCat: 5 of 5 stars, because this book shows the important knowledge gathered by women, often ignored by the male establishment, yet essential for human development, like what Project Do Better works to help us all learn, in various stages, both for public health, and for that public store of knowledge held in libraries of all kinds, in various languages.

Huiles Essentielles, huiles végétales qui viennent avec et même les voies d’administration pour chaque maladie ! On ne peut pas terminer de lire ce livre, cars c’est trop bon, trop plein et trop utile ! (p. 448: sinusit, mais pas de EU. radie…)

(Sorry, not sure if this book has been translated in to English, but I certainly hope that it has, by now!)

Essential oils, vegetable oils that go with them, and even the…

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