We Can’t Scream All Our Pains

A Voice from Iran

“208th” story

After a long tiring day, George was driving his car to go home and have the rest of his day in peace.

The streets were jammed with fatigued people, probably trying to do the same as George.

The car in front of George drove like a turtle and made him so frustrated. George started to blow the horn, and swear at the front car’s driver.

After a few minutes, George noticed a note on the rear mirror of that turtle river’s car in front of him.

The sign said; “Mechanical problem, sorry, and thanks for your patience.”

That note changed everything in George’s mind.

He stopped pushing the horn and swearing.

He got home late compared to other days, but he didn’t have any problem with that anymore.

George thought to himself; “If that car didn’t have that note, would I ever stop swearing at him? Why did…

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