Writing Process Wednesdays, and, Character Bibles and Subplots

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

  So my hero’s wife, Lucy FancyQuadroonNYMet  is trapped elsewhere, and thus has her own subplot, which I began to plan out before doing very much (if any) of her character bible or voice journal work.   

That turned out to become a serious problem for me, once I began writing the main plot scenes, and came along to her first subplot scene in       whobyfireiwilltmpcover

Also, having already tried to put too many subplot and scene notes in too many spreadsheets and online reminders, as well as on paper, I was sure that I had notes on her voice, and the reason I wanted to use first person present tense rather than my usual either first person third or third person third (aka storyteller ) for her voice! 




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