Magnetism – Kaushal Kishore

Whenever I saw it from afar
I could not get tired of
admiring its qualities,
its beauty and serenity,
which cast magnetic spell on me,
as if I had found the destination,
I had been waiting for years…

I stand at the same destination,
day and night,
immersed in some thoughts,
strange and happy, 
is it really my last destination
or just an illusion,
like a fridge magnet?

I’m not sure
whether the magnet itself
has withered away
and lost its pull,
or whether iron in me
has got rusted…

I feel the need now
to meet myself again,
to take a deep dive, 
whether the course of action
needs to be dictated
by some magnetism
or my own iron will…


Source: Magnetism – Kaushal Kishore