Good People Doing Good Things — Just Two

Filosofa's Word

Just two ‘good people’ tonight, for that’s as much as I have the energy for at the moment, but these are both heartwarming stories about people at their best.

Just another random act of kindness

Jason Boudreaux rarely deposits his own paycheck … presumably his wife does that for him, but for some reason he deposited his check himself last week.  He didn’t understand that when you deposit a check, the funds are not immediately available but the check can take up to a day to clear.  So, imagine his surprise when, after depositing his check, he headed off to the grocery store, and when he got to the check out counter the cashier informed him that … well, I’ll let Mr. Boudreaux tell you the story in his own words …

“Much respect for this young gentleman. I deposited my payroll check and hour prior thought the money would…

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