The Shot Boosters

Dr. Julie Boom: Back when we had this post-World War II parent and child group that fought polio, it was an obvious natural choice that you stepped up to the plate. Then, the mentality was about helping your neighbor. And today I think that people say, “Well, I would help my neighbor as long as it’s convenient for me.” There are groups who then want to say, you know, “This is where my medical freedom is,” and kind of to draw a wall around themselves—not understanding that if you engage in a social behavior like sending your child to school, then your world does go into someone else’s circle and our circles overlap.

Source: The Shot Boosters

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  1. Not all vaccinations are the same, and not all germs are the same. In some cases vaccination makes sense, in others not. It would also be a good idea to have a look at the ingredients of the different vaccines. It is not contradictive, if a person says yes to one vaccination but no to another. Less sweeping judgment would be desirable.

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