The Shot Boosters

Dr. Julie Boom: Back when we had this post-World War II parent and child group that fought polio, it was an obvious natural choice that you stepped up to the plate. Then, the mentality was about helping your neighbor. And today I think that people say, “Well, I would help my neighbor as long as it’s convenient for me.” There are groups who then want to say, you know, “This is where my medical freedom is,” and kind of to draw a wall around themselves—not understanding that if you engage in a social behavior like sending your child to school, then your world does go into someone else’s circle and our circles overlap.

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Biden Claps Back at Florida’s Black AP Studies Block

“It’s important to say from the White House for the entire country to hear: History matters. History matters and Black history matters. I can’t just choose to learn what we want to know. We learn what we should know. We have to learn everything, the good, the bad, the truth, and who we are as a nation. That’s what great nations do,” said Biden.

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What’s Up With Dilbert And His Creator?

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I’m sure that unless you’ve been living in a cave in the dessert for the past week or so, you’ve heard of the Dilbert/Scott Adams issue.  Dilbert is no more, and apparently Mr. Adams’ sources of income are now dried up.  Ah well … he brought it on himself with his racist rhetoric, so I have zero empathy for him.  I was curious about a few things, however, such as the Rasmussen poll cited by Adams.  Charles Blow’s latest column clarifies the issue fairly well, I think.  Take a look …

The ‘Dilbert’ Cartoonist and the Durability of White-Flight Thinking

Charles M. Blow

28 February 2023

When Scott Adams, the Donald Trump-revering creator of the “Dilbert” cartoon strip, last week quoted stats from the right-leaning polling operation Rasmussen Reports to justify a racist rant in which he admonished white people to “just get the hell away” from Black people, whom…

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Marii Freire comigo!

A estupidez humana é algo realmente tocante. Ora, mesmo conhecendo o ser humano, suas virtudes, falha de caráter e tantas outras situações inerentes a ele, se você não é capaz de compreender que todos nós somos livres, que não somos ou fazemos parte da propriedade de ninguém, e que o intuito maior de se construir uma relação não é prender uma pessoa aos nossos pés, sabe ” acorrentar mesmo?” Pois bem, por que há tanta gente com pensamento retrógrado? Esse tipo de ideia é inútil. Na prática, é você viver preso a ilusão. Você compreende? É você, não a pessoa que deseja prender. Somos nós que criamos prisões internas e, não sabemos sair delas na maioria das vezes. Veja, para uma pessoa ter o desejo de estar ao nosso lado, essa concepção de amor, de enxergar qualidades e uma série de situações, isso parte dela, não de você. Eu, você…

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