Review: The Woman King

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

   This film is excellent.  Gut-wrenching, and difficult to watch on many levels (#metoo, slavery, complicity, violence), but it tells a truth that has long needed telling.  Going into the film knowing about the role of this kingdom in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, I wondered how they would deal with the topic, and they in fact dealt with it head-on, intelligently, and also very well emotionally. They also made excellent use of the topography -they even used the termite mounds!  So, the film, for me as a Black woman, even as a light-skinned Black woman, was extraordinarily satisfying. From the barbarity of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, to the terrors right at home of sexual abuse (or collusion with it) or physical abuse by family members or guardians, this film hits the mark on every level, not shying away from taking on the truth of the most difficult topics, acknowledging the…

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