“Reflections of the Moon” by Cindy Georgakas

MasticadoresUsa // Editor: Barbara Leonhard

Reflections of the moon have me ponder all that’s gone on in a dark sky.
Battling of the night, calming of the soul of a broken heart.

To break is to heal,
to bleed is to know you’re alive.
Tears wash our inner world,
scars scab over,
light floods us with memories and chills.
Love washes us clean inside and out.

Love yourself with all the blemishes and bruises. 
It’s time to go inside and germinate in stillness and silence.

Words are hit and miss,
music reaches far and wide,
an arrow to the heart,
a bullseye for cold winters night.

What feels like the end,
is time for new beginnings.
Embrace all that is,
hibernate and grow wings,
for warm tomorrows.

Copyright © 2023 Cindy Georgakas
All Rights Reserved

Cindy Georgakas is a writer of words in poetry, prose and reflections of her heart. She was voted the Publication…

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