My heart will go on

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

A grand ship sailed upon the sea, A wonder built for luxury, A maiden voyage full of glee, Onward to a new destiny, But fate had other plans, you see. Jack Dawson, a man so free, A heart of gold, and eyes that see, An English Rose full of royalty, A love so pure, forbidden be, Their paths intertwined, destiny. As the ship sailed on, a chill, Icebergs ahead, a deadly thrill, Captain's orders, full steam still, The ship struck, a deadly shrill, The Titanic, doomed to fulfill. Panic and chaos filled the air, People scrambling, in despair, Lifeboats scarce, a sad affair, Jack and Rose, found love so rare, Amidst the chaos, they dared to care. The sinking ship, a tragic sight, People screaming, in the night, Jack and Rose, held on so tight, Their love, a beacon, shining bright, A memory that would outlast the night. As the…

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