Untreated Covid-19 Relapse


We keep learning about this disease, as well as corrected false information.

  • Online rumors and some doctors linked Paxlovid to the risk of recurrence of Covid. Science now supports this drug being safe to use.
  • Conversely, new research shows that failure to treat Covid-19 can result in a relapse of the disease in 25% of untreated cases. In one-third of the relapses, the patients have a full viral load, making them potentially infectious to others.(1)

Relapses were first noted in 2020, early in the pandemic.(5) The current research is the first formal test-and-control study to assess the potential for relapse among untreated patients.

Covid-19 isn’t gone. There are new variants of concern. It’s dangerous in that it can produce heart and neurological damage that can affect human health and behavior, and potentially lead to a much larger demand for 24×7 in-home or nursing home care.

Other research links brain changes…

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Norfolk Southern Lets Officials Order Crews to Ignore Safety Alerts — ProPublica

The policy applies specifically to the company’s Wayside Detector Help Desk, which monitors data from the track-side sensors. Workers on the desk can tell crews to disregard an alert when “information is available confirming it is safe to proceed” and to continue no faster than 30 miles per hour to the next track-side sensor, which is often miles away.

Source: Norfolk Southern Lets Officials Order Crews to Ignore Safety Alerts — ProPublica

Inner Value! – Silent Songs of Sonsnow

“We must find secular ways to cultivate warm-heartedness — to educate ourselves about inner values. The source of a happy life is within us. Troublemakers in many parts of the world are often well educated, so it’s not just education we need. We must pay attention to inner values.”

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

Source: Inner Value! – Silent Songs of Sonsnow