Silvia Writes

We all want to belong.

Don’t we?

The introvert, the extrovert, the shy and confident.

We need our own tribe,

of similar minds and pursuits.

We might not even know we have the need.

Most times it’s muted by life.

But it resides deep within us.

Human behavior is driven by the need to belong.

We hunger for exchanges of creative ideas,

for debates, for digging deep and understanding.

The need to fit in when younger,

with age becomes the need to belong.

It’s a powerful drive for all humans,

being part of a tribe,

one that speaks the same language we do.

The language of dancers, writers,

bakers, knitters.


This here is one of my tribes.

Thank you.

But it’s not the only one.

I move around in other groups of joy and wander.

My curiosity boundless.

Here is my writers and readers tribe.

And you’re invited to…

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