Bernie Sanders Exposes 18 Top Corporate Tax Dodgers

Many folks around the country are just discovering the new Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont). They are learning Sanders has been on an incredibly bold …
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Video + Devouring Fiction by DJ Sakata + Podcast/Audio Version

Happiness Between Tails by da-AL

"Smut Toss," Illustration by book lover DJ Sakata.
“Smut Toss,” Illustration by book lover DJ Sakata.

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Have you ever been shamed for what you read? In childhood or later? For me it’s more about the shame I shovel onto myself for just about everything. Right now I’m working to get my novels podcast-ready and it takes everything I have to feel like my writing, whether print or audio, is presentable.

The very first time I set pen to paper and held a book, they became as much confidants as friends.

When it…

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Smile – Silent Songs of Sonsnow

“When I meet people, I just think of myself as another human being, I don’t think about being a Buddhist, a Tibetan or the Dalai Lama, just a human being — I find it’s easier to make friends that way. And I find that a smile is a true expression of friendship.” His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama

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What Medicare enrollees can expect after Covid emergency ends

Seniors will no longer get free over-the-counter Covid-19 tests, and they will eventually have to pay for Covid-19 treatments like Pfizer’s Paxlovid antiviral. At least at first, however, the antivirals will continue to be free because current doses in circulation were provided by the U.S. government. When the products transition to the commercial market in the summer or early fall, there may be some cost-sharing, the agency said.

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“Deep Sea Matters”: Young Jamaican activists take a dive into the issue of deep sea mining

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The ambitious event organised by a group of collaborators to highlight the issue of deep sea mining was highly successful. On a warm and very breezy lunchtime on Thursday, January 26 at the University of the West Indies Mona campus in Kingston, there was a full house audience consisting of university students, high school students, educators, researchers, diplomats, civil society representatives and environmentalists. You can watch the entire event on YouTube here (the audio is a problem for the first five minutes, but thereafter it is fine).

Here’s what these young people, who participated in Thursday’s event, think about deep sea mining.

After a comprehensive introduction and an overview of the issue of deep sea mining by climate activist and geologist Geasean Johnson, the four panelists came to the table and delivered a brilliant range of views, facts and perspectives. Geasean highlighted transparency! This word cropped up several times.


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TikTok discovered and blocked a web of Russian propaganda accounts — Meduza

TikTok uncovered and blocked 1,682 accounts that spread Russian propaganda about the war in Ukraine to users in Europe, the company reports. According to TikTok, the propaganda web operated from Russia and was aimed chiefly at residents of Germany, Italy, and the UK. The accounts, which were disguised as European users, posted content in German, Italian, and English, often using speech synthesis programs. In total, they had more than 130,000 subscribers. TikTok also reported that it had shut down a web of Russian-language propaganda accounts operating from Georgia and aimed at residents of Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine. The 18 accounts in that group had around 85,000 users.

Source: TikTok discovered and blocked a web of Russian propaganda accounts — Meduza

Can’t Find My Way Home

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

Thought I had it all sorted In my head, exact routes plotted Yet, I can’t find my way home Aimlessly, I seem to roam The worst was over Never again to be a pushover Promised myself this Feelings, I’d dismiss Only practicality rules the throne Human still, with flesh and bone To mere subjects, still listening Their inputs, only to be crippling I sure do have the keys But at these crossroads, I freeze The endpoint is just happiness and bliss So many routes, one could be the abyss So, I can’t find my way home Paralyzed with the fear syndrome The consequence of every decision At this point, weighed to precision Are my anxieties and fears limiting me? Preventing me from what could be If only the past, I could erase These scars, no longer traced Maybe, then I’d know Which direction to go All roads could take me…

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