Senior officials ordered destruction of Vallejo police shooting evidence

The Vallejo city attorney’s office has long resisted public scrutiny of the police department’s frequent shootings. With a new law poised to force the release of shooting records, a lawyer and a detective made a decision no court can reverse.
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The Great American Manure Rush Begins – Slashdot

Methane from animal waste can be purified into a product virtually indistinguishable from fossil fuel-based natural gas. Marketed as renewable natural gas (RNG), it has a unique profit-making edge: in addition to revenue from the sale of the gas itself, energy companies can now also earn handsome environmental subsidies for their role in keeping methane out of the atmosphere.

Source: The Great American Manure Rush Begins – Slashdot

Lua crescente…por Mágica Mistura

Mágica Mistura

É o sorriso da Deusa no céu

Inefável lembrança

Pungente sinal…

De que somos amados

Que alguém tem fé em nós

Com todos tropeços,erros

Com tanta ambição

Todo nosso egoísmo…

Somos partículas sagradas

Germinando, crescendo

Em inteligência, discernimento

Em lucidez,em amor

Doce sorriso da Deusa…

Enche meus olhos, minh’alma

Desabrocha nosso coração

Na Paz e Harmonia

Nosso espírito ,na mais perfeita,


Preciosa flor… 🌙✨🌻

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Monday Notes: AI

K E Garland

Recently, I used Lensa to generate some artificial intelligence (AI) photos. I’d seen a couple of celebrities do it and thought why not?

So, I uploaded 15 photos, and two hours later these appeared.

They’re beautiful, right? I was amazed. It was mystifying to see how the app captured my spirit. How these photos look is how I feel on the inside. I perceive myself as a powerful being who can do anything to which I set my mind, and these computer-generated images illustrated it.

That’s scary.

I was so amazed with these photos that I almost cancelled my photoshoot. Why do I need to pay someone hundreds of dollars if AI can create a perfect looking me? I wondered. Don’t worry. I didn’t cancel. But I did consider it.

“These are stunning,” a blogger friend commented after seeing this set in my IG stories. “Did you have someone commission…

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Ministry Mondays Review: El Capitán Alatriste, by Pérez-Reverte

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

    This is the famous person for whom everyone keeps mistaking Alonso, in El Ministerio del Tiempo.

Alonso, por Omar R. La Rosa Alonso, por Omar R. La Rosa

I read this book, and thought I had reviewed it, as I noted in 2018:   ”

Creî que habîa escrito una revista de este libro ya hace tiempo que tal vez se perdiô, pero bueno. Me encantô la trama y sobre todo la relacion entre Alatriste y Iñigo. / Thought I had reviewed this book some time ago, and maybe it got lost, but ok. I loved the drama and above all, the relationship between Alatriste and Inigo.”

citing especially the last line “que hubiera estado pensando/he could have been thinking” regarding the friend whose execution they watched, after feasting all night the evening before with the condemned man. So, to summarize, this book is about a 16th century Spanish soldier who forms…

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