Worst Bird Flu Outbreak in U.S. History Kills Millions

That number of 58.2 million birds affected is way over the largest previous bird flu outbreak in the United States in 2015 that affected 50.5 million birds in just 21 states.

Domestic poultry that can be affected include chickens; turkeys; ring-necked pheasants; ducks; geese; common, Japanese, or bobwhite quail; Indian peafowl; chukar or grey partridge; pigeons; ostrich; and guinea fowl.

The National Chicken Council, a U.S. trade association, assures consumers that the food supply is safe, saying, “All U.S. flocks are tested year-round for avian influenza, and if a single bird in a flock were to test positive for avian flu, then none of those birds would be allowed to enter the food supply.”

Wild turkeys, ducks and geese are at greater risk than some other species, it appears. Confirmed cases of the avian flu have killed wild waterfowl in Brevard, Volusia and Indian River counties, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission first announced in February 2022.


Source: Worst Bird Flu Outbreak in U.S. History Kills Millions

Is this justice for the citizens of Rio Cobre?

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There is something called “environmental justice.” It’s not just another clever catch phrase. It is a real, and growing concern.

When this release from Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) landed in my inbox recently, I saw this as a classic example of the struggle that citizens worldwide are engaged in for their environmental rights. And a struggle it is, sometimes lasting for years – as in the case of the bauxite company WINDALCO, fully owned by the Russian company UC Rusal. Over the past several decades this company has repeatedly polluted the once beautiful Rio Cobre river, endangering lives and the health of residents, destroying water quality, killing off biodiversity – and depriving thousands of fisherfolk and other citizens whose livelihoods depend on the river from earning a living. Over and over.

Residents of Kent Village on the Rio Cobre in St. Catherine protesting the fish kill last July.

JET has…

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‘Honour’ killing of YouTube star sparks outrage in Iraq | Iraq | The Guardian

“Women in our societies are hostage to backward customs due to the absence of legal deterrents and government measures – which currently are not commensurate with the size of domestic violence crimes,” wrote veteran politician Ala Talabani  Source: ‘Honour’ killing of YouTube star sparks outrage in Iraq | Iraq | The Guardian