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Just a few of my thoughts on this Saturday afternoon … I think the people of District 3 in New York should have the opportunity to recall George Santos and force a special election.  The man they thought they were voting for, after all, does not exist.  Mr. Santos, or whatever his name actually is, […]

A Few Thoughts — Filosofa’s Word

Traços da violência psicológica na vida de uma mulher

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A violência psicológica não deixa marcas na pele, como ocorre com a violência física. No entanto, ela deixa vestígios de abuso e tristeza que podem ser facilmente notados através de boa construção perceptiva, digamos ” um olhar mais atento sobre a pessoa que sofre com o problema. Pode- se dizer que cada pessoa, cada mulher em especial, tem uma maneira própria de mostrar isso através de seus comportamento.

. Aparência/ traços observáveis: o olhar; o olhar entrega o estado emocional, geralmente carregado de uma profunda tristeza.

. Concentração, a mulher tem mais dificuldade em fazer algo, ou interagir. Você percebe que ela se mostra mais retraída.

. Raciocínio, a pessoa que sofre abusos psicológicos geralmente ficam reativa a certas emoções. Então, o olhar ou mesmo a questão emocional, mostra um certo desequilíbrio no comportamento dessas vítimas.

Um exemplo: se uma mulher vive um relacionamento doentio, ou seja, aquele que tem…

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Ein Tag bei tibetischen Nomaden

Senioren um die Welt

Als unser tibetischer Gastgeber uns anbot, ihn für einen Tag zu tibetischen Nomaden im Hochland zu begleiten, sagten wir sofort zu, Für uns war das eine einzigartige Möglichkeit, die authentische Lebensweise dieser Ethnie in ihrem Umfeld kennenzulernen und in die großartige Landschaft einzutauchen.

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Jenin, Jerusalem … now Israelis grieve as the cycle of violence intensifies | Israel | The Guardian

This is the worst Palestinian terror attack against Israelis in 15 years and has left the country reeling. It came a day after nine Palestinians were killed in a major Israeli raid on the West Bank’s Jenin refugee camp, the highest death toll in a single army operation in more than two decades. In the aftermath, the Palestinian Authority (PA), which governs parts of the West Bank, announced that it would suspend security cooperation with Israel.Source: Jenin, Jerusalem … now Israelis grieve as the cycle of violence intensifies | Israel | The Guardian

The events in Jenin appear to have set off a chain reaction of violence, leaving Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories on the brink of what could be a devastating new round of bloodletting.

Two more Palestinians were shot and killed by soldiers in clashes sparked by the raid last Thursday, and early on Friday there was a limited exchange of rocket fire between the Islamist-controlled Gaza Strip and Israel.

Yanomami Genocide: Linezine

Lula’s visit to the Yanomami land brought up a theme that was submerged in our country. In four years of Bolsonaro’s government it was possible to identify the advance of the extreme right and its policies. The cruelest of them has now been revealed, the malnourished indigenous population, children suffering from hunger, elderly people on the verge of death, something only seen in concentration camps in Nazi Germany.

Source: Yanomami Genocide: Linezine