My Fellow Writers, What in the GPT is Going On?

From Behind the Pen

Image Credit: geralt

Should we panic yet? Oh, my dear writers, while I am all in for technological advancements to a degree, are we inviting technology to grab our last bit of human creativity by replacing us in pivotal areas of communication? Exploring ideas, collaborating with other creative minds, and using our human senses, make us wonder if the latest language models will affect our intelligence vs. that of the artificial. Don’t think the idea of replacing writers and their livelihoods is off-limits or farfetched when it comes down to the invasion of the so-called human-like intelligence known as GPT.

For you writers making a living from your writing can you imagine being replaced by GPTs? I’m sure by now you have heard of those text generators, the AI chatbot known as a Generative Pre-trained Transformer. It is the latest addition already infiltrating many curricula and writing communities based on…

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