A building product that consumes carbon dioxide

Darcy Hitchcock

The idea for Carbstone started when Dirk Van Mechelen, R&D manager for the recycling company Orbix, noticed that steel slag hardened when exposed to CO2.

Masterbloc, made from Carbstone, is similar to concrete blocks

The stone, which absorbs more greenhouse gases than are produced from making it, can be used as construction materials, replacing carbon-intensive concrete.

“Carbstone has numerous advantages”, explains Serge Celis, CEO of Orbix. “Thanks to Carbstone, we convert metal slag into a high-quality circular product and, since CO2 is used as a binder, we avoid using cement, which accounts for 10% of global CO2 emissions.


The company is using Carbstone to build a variety of products beyond just Masterbloc (which can be used like concrete blocks.)

The technology has been utilised to make roofing tiles, bricks, and clinkers. Interest in the technology is reaching new highs and Orbix is ready to launch products across the world.

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