National unity needed more than ever, say Advocates Network… How to achieve it, is the question

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What’s gone wrong?

A few days ago, I watched footageof the laughable, but sad spectacle of German police officers, weighed down with their riot gear – stuck in the mud while trying to defend a coal mine from angry, jeering protesters. The struggle has been going on for weeks against the demolition of a village to expand the mine. Even more bizarrely, in the video that I watched, the police were being tormented by a tall man in a monk’s habit and wearing a mask, who just won’t leave them alone.

The wretched struggle in the mud near the tiny village of Lützerath, Germany – perhaps an illustration of the quagmire we find ourselves in. (screenshot)

I thought to myself that 2023 is beginning to take on a somewhat surreal air – already. And it’s not the end of January, yet.

On our island, I get the sense that…

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