Moms Will Always Be Moms

Kaushal Kishore

This is a beautiful piece that I came across today. As it pertains to moms and is so well thought out, I couldn’t resist myself from sharing this.

See how concerned mothers are for the well-being of their children. It doesn’t matter who their children are and what they have become or done. For a mom, her son will always remain her son, and she will remain a mother for him.

This Saturday, enjoy this write-up, dedicated to all mothers of the world, but for whom the human civilization would have failed to move forward.

So here are those mom talks:

☘️ Issac Newton’s mother: 
“But did you wash the apple before eating it?”

☘️Archimedes’s mother:
“Didn’t you have any shame running naked in the street? And, who is this girl, Eureka??”

☘️Thomas Edison’s mother: 
“Of course I am proud that you invented the electric bulb, but now…

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