The Artist’s Studio


You always suspected there was a place like this inside,
right? There’s more than science rolled up into the Self:
the arts, the experience of beauty, mystical sensitivity, the
home of the oceanic feeling, the pull toward the unknown, music,
other art forms, the experience of which communicate directly
with the experience of others, bypassing strictly cognitive
processing. The creative urge–the valuing of its products and
curiosity–will always stave off boredom; at least that’s been
my experience.

Metaphors rule in the language of dreams and artistic creations,
and stem from our very evolutionary roots. I think of metaphors
as strong similes. Similes use “like” (He acts like a bear in
the morning, versus the stronger statement “He is a bear in
the morning.”)

“The Artist’s Studio” could be a metamorphic way of referring
to the place we’re probably both in right now, or at least
headed that way. We need…

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