Thoughtful Thursday Series Review: Las Villamizar, and Freedom For All

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    Netflix has recently added a series from Colombia, set during the war of independence led by Simon Bolivar, starting at a point during the time of the Comuneros uprising against Spain, which is not the same as the one mentioned in an early episode of El Ministerio del Tiempo, but seems to be related in ideology despite the separation of time and an ocean.   I had not realized that the Rebellion of the Comuneros in Spain implied the existence of this movement, later on, in Spain’s colonies, as well.  This is a time when the slave trade is also still alive and quite well.


    This series is set mostly in 1816 in Colombia during the Napoleonic Wars, and deals very effectively with the themes of revenge versus justice, and the limits of freedom.  There are 74 episodes in total, and the first twenty are…

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