Positive Vibes…Gone

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What has happened in the UK today/yesterday. isn’t just “heading towards” it is Facism.

On the same day that a top UK police officer was found guilty of raping women over his 20 year “service” The Tory decided it’d be the best day to make peaceful protesting a crime. That is Fascism.

Blocking the Scotland’s GRR Reform outright is Fascism. Not letting it go through the proper channels, and just outright a completely different countries democratic vote, is Fascism. There is no legitimate reason to block that vote. The fact that this is first time in the longest time the UK Government has done this to Scotland. Maybe even the first. It is spiteful, but having Kemi Badenoch as the LGBT and Equalities Minister, was a big sign of how spiteful this Tory Government is.

Don’t even get me started on the bunch of TERFs quoting Hitler and Joseph Goebbles…

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