A simple gift, and the greatest…

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The next Bloganuary prompt I am tackling is: “What is the most memorable gift you have received?”

I am sorry. This one had me stumped. I could not think of any gift all wrapped up in paper with a bow on top that has been so memorable. I have received some really lovely gifts with great pleasure, but nothing stands out.

I know this sounds a little corny. I should add also at this point that I am not really a “God person.”

But it’s quite simple. The greatest gift I ever had was not a material one, but a spiritual one.

The greatest gift, for me, is love.

The love of my family – including my late parents, whose love remains with me.

The love of my husband, which never changes and which wraps itself around me.

The love of our son. We are both so proud of him…

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