Saturday Surprise — Sphen & Magic! — A Purposeful Reprise

Filosofa's Word

I first wrote this story back in October 2018, and have since written an update (link at bottom).  I felt a need to reprise it today in light of the fact that a similar story about another penguin couple, Roy & Silo, written into a children’s book in 2015, has been banned in Florida.  As you will see, it is a wonderful story, a heartwarming story, but apparently some feel threatened by inclusion, compassion, and love.  Sphen and Magic will always be welcome here at Filosofa’s Word!

I have long said that we could learn a lot from other species, those we refer to as ‘animals’, when I often think it is we who are the animals.  Animals don’t kill because they don’t like the colour of another’s fur.  Their hierarchy isn’t based on religion, ethnicity, fur colour or gender … it is merely survival of the fittest.  They may…

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