Parashat Shemot 5783, Generational Trauma and Public Health Care

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This week’s parashah is Shemot (“Names”), the 13th parashah overall, and first portion of Shemot/Exodus. This is the famous “and there arose a Pharaoh who knew not Joseph” parashah. Mosheh/Moses is born, rescued and adopted by a daughter of Pharaoh, runs away after killing an overseer, and reintroduced to the promise made to his forefathers. After the names of all of those who went down to live in Egypt with Jacob/Israel are recorded. Now we begin to see the long term effects of family relationships, and how trauma can travel down through generations. Here is another reason that long term planning and access to basic survival and equal health care resources for everyone is essential to all of us, unconditionally.


Last year we looked at this portion from a nation-building point of viewParashat Shemot, and Naming a Nation, while this year, we take a more family oriented approach…

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