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On Monday, the nation will celebrate the birthday of one of the biggest peacemakers in modern history, Dr. Martin Luther King.  Gunned down on April 4th, 1968, King lived to be only 39, and yet in his 39 years he accomplished more than most of us will accomplish in our much longer lifetimes.  Peacemakers are not popular among racists and bigots, as we have seen many times throughout history.  Many have written about King’s fight against racism and about his most famous “I Have a Dream” speech, but today Jamelle Bouie, writing for the New York Times, has written about another part of King’s legacy that we should also note and remember …

Martin Luther King Jr.’s other dreams

Jamelle Bouie

14 January 2023

The way most Americans talk about the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., more than 50 years after his assassination, you might think…

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Walden Writers Soul Journey #41

Words from Walden

This Writing journey is for anyone who wants to explore themselves and produce an intimate artistic expression from their soul. It is a no-cost journey, and it is my gift to you!

The google doc below (inside google docs, click “file ” and “make a copy” to have your own editable version).


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Film – Top Gun : Maverick — VOYAGE ONIRIQUE

Movie – Top Gun: Maverick   Je voulais vous présenter un Film que j’ai aimé voir au Cinéma et en DVD : TOP GUN: MAVERICK. Un formidable film d’action et drame, très passionnant et captivant, qui nous embarque dans l’histoire d’aviation de chasse et cascades aériennes. 12 more words

Film – Top Gun : Maverick — VOYAGE ONIRIQUE

♫ I Feel The Earth Move ♫ (Redux) — Filosofa’s Word

I Feel the Earth Move is a song written and recorded by American singer-songwriter Carole King, for her second studio album Tapestry. Additionally, the song is one half of the double A-sided single, the flip side of which was It’s Too Late. Together, both I Feel the Earth Move and It’s Too Late became among the biggest mainstream pop […]

♫ I Feel The Earth Move ♫ (Redux) — Filosofa’s Word

A Estrela – Em Pointe, Edgar Degas


A estrela – Em Pointe é uma pintura do artista Edgar Degas. O pintor faz parte da corrente artística impressionista, embora suas obras tenham um estilo mais realista. Edgar Degas veio de uma família rica por isso teve condições financeiras de estudar arte, podendo inclusive fazer o gran tur, que era uma espécie de viagens aos lugares onde havia obras dos chamados grandes mestres.

O artista ficou famoso por escolher temas de pintura de gênero como retratar dançarinas, uma dessas obras de Edgar Degas é A Estrela – Em Pointe:

A Estrela – Em Pointe, Edgar Degas. (Domínio Público/Wikiart)

A pintura acima, A Estrela – Em Pointe possui características da pintura realista combinada com algumas técnicas da pintura impressionista. Degas utiliza as pinceladas leves misturando a tinta com uma pátina para criar um efeito realista na pele da dançarina, além de usar a suavização da luz natural impressionista, ao…

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Parashat Shemot 5783, Generational Trauma and Public Health Care

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

This week’s parashah is Shemot (“Names”), the 13th parashah overall, and first portion of Shemot/Exodus. This is the famous “and there arose a Pharaoh who knew not Joseph” parashah. Mosheh/Moses is born, rescued and adopted by a daughter of Pharaoh, runs away after killing an overseer, and reintroduced to the promise made to his forefathers. After the names of all of those who went down to live in Egypt with Jacob/Israel are recorded. Now we begin to see the long term effects of family relationships, and how trauma can travel down through generations. Here is another reason that long term planning and access to basic survival and equal health care resources for everyone is essential to all of us, unconditionally.


Last year we looked at this portion from a nation-building point of viewParashat Shemot, and Naming a Nation, while this year, we take a more family oriented approach…

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