What’s your Half Full and Half Empty?

On a mission

They say our mind always desires what we don’t have and once we receive it those things did not have the same importance.

So on the 11th day of 2023 let’s do this self-exercise to have 6 things that are half full and 5 that are half empty.

6 Half Full

1. Able to breathe

2. Families

3. Friends

4. Able to write every day

5. Able to read fellow WordPress blog

6. Some of you are there to correct my writing.

Half Empty

1. Not able to play regularly because of the weather.

2. Eating frozen food sometimes.

3. Not able to read everyone’s blog every day.

4. Not everyone can read or write in the world.

5. In today’s world of accelerated growth in the last 120 years still so many folks go to bed hungry.

What’s yours? List all or a few!

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