Kaushal Kishore

I have seen people hungry
for love, life, power
and achievement…

I have seen people hungry
for variety of books to devour
and for plethora of pens to write…

I have seen people hungry
to see someone laughing
and flowers blooming…

I have also seen people hungry
to show empathy sympathy
and compassion…

I have seen people hungry
for their selfless devotion
and commitment…

Hunger is the eternal truth of life,
everyone feels it,
rich, poor, capable, incapable
young, child or old,
it lasts as long as life lasts,
only the type varies…

But I’ve also seen people hungry
for food,
their only source for survival,
who don’t know the meaning
of all the above aspects,
but they do know
what hunger actually means…

They don’t know what calories are,
but they do know
that not only the brain,
but other parts of the body
send unusual sensations
that their…

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