This is truly the disease that keeps giving.

We have a new research study involving scientists across the US — Yale, Thomas Jefferson University, University of Texas, University of California at San Francisco, University of Washington, Rush Medical Center (Chicago) and the CDC.(1)

I’m not going into details on the study, but the key findings are:

  1. Half of persons testing positive for COVID-19 had some of the symptoms three months after the initial diagnosis. (n = 772)
  2. One-quarter of people with symptoms who tested negative for COVID-19 continued to have symptoms three months after the negative test. (n = 278)

Separately, autopsies of 44 people who died after testing positive for the coronavirus showed that the virus had spread throughout the body, including the brain, and was present up to 8 months after testing positive.(2)

The lasting nature of this virus shouldn’t come as a surprise. We already know that…

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