Repost of Standing in the Gap, aka Brolly Lady, as the Empathy-Building Part of Project Do Better

Inspiring Critical Thinking and Community via Books, Lessons, and Story

    This narrative short, which I neglected to mention is nonfiction, at first, will be part of an autobiographical short short anthology I am releasing later this year.   I was stunned at the reception this one got, and even more surprised to find, a few months ago, that it has been republished (yes, my name is credited, but it is incorrectly labeled as fiction) by an online magazine, entirely without my knowledge.  I hope that this short short inspires others to stand together, to protect one another, and to help build more empathy in this world.  Empathy building is the ongoing part of Project Do Better that runs concurrently with all four phases of this project.  Please share widely. 

   …  Memories of a “Brolly Lady” …

     There it was again.  I knew that sound.


“Oy, they’re having a fight down there!”


     That was…

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