Retro Music 16


Back in 1966, The Who were a ‘Mod’ group, wearing the fashions and sporting the hairstyles of that youth cult. Long before their move into long-winded pop, and the eventual transition to Rock Opera with ‘Tommy’, they released a single that I played to death when I was 14 years old. This was the start of ‘Britpop’, decades bfore it was ever called that.

You think we look pretty good together
You think my shoes are made of leather
But I’m a substitute for another guy
I look pretty tall, but my heels are high
The simple things you see are all complicated
I look pretty young, but I’m just back-dated, yeah

(Substitute) Your lies for fact
(Substitute) I see right through your plastic mac
(Substitute) I look all white, but my dad was black
(Substitute) My fine-looking suit is really made out of sack

I was born with a…

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