Legal Learning & Public Transportation Both Count Exponentially on GED/HiSET Lesson Plan Day 44/67

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Understanding how local legal details interact with local mass transit to affect financial details, as when local unions fail to enforce mass transit pass price reductions for local teachers and students, on Day 44/67: Five Month GED, Exponential Curves, and, Interesting Education matter, especially for vulnerable students with compounding debt, as does being able to find up to date and accurate information.  The local public library is there to help.

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Free access to Public Legal Education, as part of Phase I’s Public Financial Knowledge Infrastructure section, in Project Do Better, is an integral part of the sets of learning needed for all adults, and the project has several free handouts available on the topic for all interested persons, especially volunteers wishing to share the information with others.  Sharing accurate and timely information is also part of Public Health, and Your Personal Health:



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