“Civic space is under threat,” says Stand Up for Jamaica

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It has been said many times before: democracy is not just about voting every few years. It is about participation. If this does not happen – if citizens’ voices are muzzled and those seeking transparency and accountability in government are accused of all kinds of dubious motives by governments and their supporters – then, democracy is weakened. Whether these citizens are discussing stronger anti-corruption measures, environmental and climate justice, economic empowerment, or representing the most marginalised in society, their voices should be heard. Meanwhile, the so-called “Vale Royal Talks” between Jamaican Government and Opposition politicians will take place soon.

Louis D. Brandeis (1856 – 1941) – Photo from Brandeis University website

Here’s an interesting quote from Louis Brandeis, the son of Jewish immigrants, from Louisville, Kentucky. Known as the “people’s attorney,” he gained a reputation as a formidable defender and advocate for everyday Americans in many areas, including labour conditions…

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