Power Generation At Home, and Libraries: The Common Good

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        This  idea of having a pedal-powered TV, and a hand-crank laptop and phone charger, especially, is still gnawing away at me.  Everyone I know that I have suggested this idea to has laughed at me, but I keep remembering how  Mr. Kamkwamba, the 14 year old boy in the film The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, built that wind turbine in Africa thanks to having a school library with books that helped him figure out how to build it (Ejiofor, 2019), and powered a well pump that saved his entire village.    I’ve also read that a lady somewhere in either the US or the UK even wrote her entire debut novel using a pedal-power laptop, yet still got laughed at when I mentioned this individual and practical example.  Now I see that the idea is in fact in use, but not in any community…

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