Parashat VaYechi 5783, Favoritism vs. Family Mental Health, and The Common Good

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        This week’s parashah is VaYechi, the 12th and final portion of Bereshit/Genesis, and first Torah portion of the secular year 2023 CE/ 12023 HE.  In this parashah, Joseph swears to bury his father up north, gets the double inheritance, promises not to kill his brothers for what they did to him, and then, dies, after making them swear to bury his bones up north, some time in the future.  Once again, we see the effects of favoritism, jealousy, and rigid inheritance rules on family relationships, and how harmful this can all be.   Here is another reason that long term planning and access to basic survival and equal health care resources for everyone is essential to the democratic process, right?


     The common good requires both rule of law and an acceptance by all to refrain from taking personal vendettas to their individually desired conclusions, while…

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